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As a charitable organization focused on improving cycling safety in Southern Arizona, CASAz appreciates donations that help us fulfill our mission. These funds are used for things such as the Bike Summit, medical ID helmet stickers, auto safety initiatives, and much more. CASAz is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 charitable organization. Please consider helping us in our efforts to help you...



Currently there are far too many collisions of motor vehicles with cyclists and pedestrians in the Tucson metro area causing fatalities, injuries and property damage. CASAz supports the “Vision Zero” movement to reduce the number of collisions by increasing awareness and education of motorists in sharing the road. Education of cyclists in correct riding behavior further supports this goal.

Cycling Advocates of Southern Arizona (CASAz) is a nonprofit charitable organization whose goal is to improve cycling infrastructure and safety for cyclists. CASAz is a champion for bicycle safety in Southern Arizona; networking with groups and organizations, gathering and disseminating information and advocating on all issues related to cycling and cycling safety.


CASAz believes that by involving all members of the cycling community in advocating for a better environment for cyclists, we will succeed in reducing collisions and deaths. You can help in this effort by visiting our Facebook page and “liking” or sharing our posts. Share our information with your family and friends.

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CASAz works to improve cycling infrastructure and the safety of cyclists across Southern Arizona. We respond to current cycling safety issues, work with local governments and agencies, develop education and awareness programs and participate in regional forums and committees to advance the interests of cyclists and the message of safety for cyclists.

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Use the following numbers to report cycling hazards:

​The Loop Pathway     520-724-5000
Pima County               520-724-2639
Tucson                        520-791-3154
Oro Valley                   520-229-5070
Marana                        520-382-2536
Sahuarita                    520-344-7100
Arizona Department of Transportation

Follow these guidelines:

  • State that it is a bicycle safety issue

  • Give accurate location information

  • Clearly identify the nature of the hazard

  • ​Ask for a work order number