CASAz has ambitious plans for improving safety of cyclists and other vulnerable road users.

  1. Green lane plan - Green lanes at intersections where cyclist and motor vehicle interaction is most likely increases motorist awareness of cyclists and delineates a safe area for bikes. CASAz will work to expand the number of green lanes in Tucson and Pima County.
  2. Bike lane maintenance - Cyclists encounter gravel, sand, glass and other debris in bike lanes causing them to move into traffic lanes. CASAz will work with city, county and state agencies to improve bike lane maintenance.
  3. Improved signage - Signs are effective in alerting motorists of cyclists and their obligation to yield to bikes as they share the road. Other states currently employ up-to-date signage that CASAz wishes to see implemented in southern Arizona.

action plans

Zero collisions


CASAz was founded in 2016 by a group of cycling enthusiasts who shared a vision of improving cycling safety through infrastructure changes and education of both motorists and cyclists.

Since then, CASAz has become engaged with numerous projects including the safety improvements to the Skyline Drive / Sunrise Road intersection, maintenance efforts on the Aviation Bikeway, identifying access points to the Loop Pathway, identifying dangerous bollards on the Loop Pathway and developing the Watch for Bikes sticker program as well as promoting the Medical Carrier Information program. Most recently, CASAz is facilitating dialogue on the pedal assist E-Bike issue.

Tucson had more than 679 collisions of motor vehicles hitting cyclists from 2011-2016. About 38% of those collisions were hit-and-run incidents where the person riding the bicycle was left injured at the side of the road. There were 13 fatalities and many more serious injuries. 2015 and 2016 have proven to be a deadly years for cyclists in southern Arizona with 6 fatalities in 2015 and 5 fatalities in 2016 in all of Pima County.

CASAz works with governments and other nonprofit groups to dramatically reduce these numbers with the vision of zero collisions.