Ghost bikes mark where cyclists have died due to collisions with cars and trucks. Ken Vieira and Claire Rhodes died here on La Cañada in 2016.


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Cycling Advocates of Southern Arizona

There is a Public Health Crisis

in Tucson and Pima County

  • 1,951 collisions involving bicyclists from 2009 to 2015 (279 per year)
  • 26 fatalities of cyclists (3.7 per year) but 6 in 2015 and 5 in 2016
  • 995 collisions involving pedestrians from 2011 to 2015 (199 per year)
  • 88 fatalities of pedestrians (17.6 per year)
  • Numerous serious injuries requiring trauma care
  • Many of these crashes involve hit-and-run drivers!

Working together we will address this public health crisis by promoting safer road use through education, enforcement and best-practices road design

Creating a Public-Private Partnership

Endorse Driving Change in Tucson

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Goals of Driving Change in Tucson

  • Reduce bicycle-motor vehicle and pedestrian-motor vehicle collisions by 50% and reduce fatalities dramatically by 2020
  • Educate all road users to share the road safely
  • Create a cultural change of mutual respect and courtesy among all road users

Endorse Driving Change in Tucson

Endorse Driving Change in Tucson (DCT) by lending your name to this community effort in the Tucson Metro Area and Pima County. DCT will display your company name and logo on our website and documents. Your respected name will increase the visibility and credibility of this important work. Work with us to encourage state, city, and county governments to commit to Driving Change in Tucson.

Modeling a proven program to drive change in Tucson

Driving Change in Tucson will adapt and expand the plan provided by Grand Rapids, Michigan. This will greatly accelerate our ability to implement a program. Their published draft report, included here, is the model for DCT. It includes project goals, summary of surveys and an education plan.

Driving Change in Tucson will affect more of the vulnerable road users in our area because, unlike the Grand Rapids program, DCT will include pedestrians in the education program.

Businesses, Government agencies, and non-profit organizations endorsing Driving Change in Tucson​

Driving Change in Tucson is an education program designed to educate motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians on safe behaviors when driving and walking on our roads and street. Our goal is to reduce collisions and fatalities dramatically. Driving Change was created in Grand Rapids, Michigan increased motorist and cyclist knowledge of laws and responsibilities while sharing the road.