our vision and mission

The Vision of CASAz is to reduce and eventually eliminate collisions of motor vehicles with cyclists and other vulnerable road users in southern Arizona by creating safer bike routes and by educating motorists and cyclists about driving safely.

CASAz is a champion for bicycle safety in southern Arizona; networking with groups and organizations, gathering and disseminating information and advocating on all issues related to cycling and cycling safety.

Join Cycling Advocates of Southern Arizona as an individual or encourage your bike club, racing team, bike store or cycling or pedestrian related organization to become an In-Kind supporter of CASAz. It is FREE and you will be lending you voice to the effort of improving cycling safety to reduce and eliminate motorist/ cyclist collisions and deaths. 

CASAz strongly supports the issues of mountain bikers for better access to public lands and for maintaining and improving trails.

Individuals should fill out the form on the Contact Us page to be added to our email list and to present your ideas for how to make southern Arizona safer for bicycling.

Clubs, teams, stores and other organizations can fill out the In-Kind Sponsorship Agreement which can be attached to an email to us at info@casaz.org.