Time: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm​​​

8:30            Check in opens
9 am          WELCOME     CASAz President Doug Bauman

9:15am      State of our Cycling Infrastructure and Programs

  •                   Technical experts provide current information on cycling infrastructure improvements

Moderator: Stacy Rodenberg, Chair, BAC

10:15 am    Report Card from Southern Arizona Cycling Organizations WAYNE

  • Groups to update community on their programs and events, address successes/failures 

11:15 am    Cycling is Good for the Community and Economy BARB

  • Why is cycling important to the broader community?

12:30 pm    Open Floor for Comments and Questions

  • Box Lunches and drinks will be provided

1:15 pm    Mountain Biking and Gravel Riding in Southern Arizona  PATRICK

  • Briefing on activities of MTB and Gravel Riding Organizations and Entrepreneurs

2:15 pm    Cycling Events in Southern Arizona: Major Challenges CRAIG

  • Insight into how/why they’re decreasing in number

3:15 pm    What Is To Be Done in 2021?

  • Describe and promote CASAz 2021 Advocacy Agenda

As a charitable organization focused on improving cycling safety in Southern Arizona, CASAz appreciates donations that help us fulfill our mission. These funds are used for things such as the Bike Summit, medical ID helmet stickers, auto safety initiatives, and much more. CASAz is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 charitable organization. Please consider helping us in our efforts to help you...



Thanks to El Tour for the use of the room and thanks to a donation from a Tucson cyclist, CASAz is able to present this summit without charge to attendees.

​​The 2019 Southern Arizona Bicycle Summit is sponsored by Cycling Advocates of Southern Arizona (CASAz) and held in conjunction with the area's premier cycling event - El Tour de Tucson. 

CASAz Summit Mission Statement: Convene the cycling community of southern Arizona to share information about current plans, programs and progress, and develop recommendations to support the safety, enjoyment and growth of cycling.

Presentations will cover blsah blah blah.  Join us for a day of informative discussions, and you will leave with a better understanding of what is going on in Southern Arizona and how you can help improve cycling in our communities.



​​​​​​NOVEMBER 20, 2020

See us at the El Tour de Tucson Expo on Friday. The summit will be held on the east side of the Children's Museum Tucson.